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MAR 3: Night of the Witches - Catemaco, Veracruz Is modern medicine getting you down? Need a cure or are you just a bit curious? The small lakeside town of Catemaco, referred to as the mecca of witch doctors, attracts thousands of people seeking non-conventional healing methods, and many swear by the results. Taking place the first Friday night of March every year, the annual gathering is a spectacle of witches, healers, magicians and wizards.

MAR 3-5: Corona Rally Mexico - Guanajuato State The cities of Guanajuato, Silao and Leon in Guanajuato State will host the 2006 Corona Rally, a two-day race covering 600 miles of central Mexico's majestic plateaus and mountains in 15 legs of intense off road driving. This time, the León-based event will feature a new and spectacular stage on the outskirts of the city. Not to be missed is the wide array of festivities that always accompany the rallies. Traditional dance, music and food promise to put the Mexican spirit into this event.

MAR 6: Day of our Lord of Xalpa - Taxco, Mexico Celebrated each 6 March, the Day of Our Lord of Xalpa is a day of religious events. The festivities include many colourful local Indian dances like Los Tlacololeros, Santiagos, Diablos and Pescaderos. The celebrations take place in the beautiful city of Taxco in central Mexico, which is known as the 'silver city' due to its high number of silversmiths all vying for the visitor's trade.

MAR 13-20: Xochimilco Festival - Xochimilco, Mexico City Held annually two weeks before Easter, this four-day event dates back to precolonial times when Mexicans honored the goddess of flowers (Xochipilli) and the goddess of dance (Maculxochitl) to ensure good harvests. Every year, a young woman is crowned La Flor Mas Bella del Ejido (the most beautiful flower of the land) who presides over colorful parades on flower-decorated barges along Xochimilco's famed canals.

MAR 16-19: International Motorcycle Festival - Saltillo, Coahuila Saltillo welcomes hundreds of riders to this unique event, just a three hours' ride from Texas.

MAR 17-21: Tajin Summit (Cumbre Tajin) - Tajin, Veracruz This festival evokes the spring season (a time of renovation) and celebrates the archeological sites and natural beauty of Veracruz. The central theme of Tajin is the Ritual.

MAR 21: Spring Equinox - Chichen-Itza, Yucatan Thousands of people from around the world gather at this Mayan ruin on the Yucatan peninsula to witness the afternoon shadow of the snake-god Kukulcan slowly "crawl down" the country's largest Mayan pyramid, El Castillo.

MAR 26-APR 2: Zihuatanejo Internacional Guitar Festival - Zihuatanejo, Guerrero The event runs from Sunday through Sunday, with daily events throughout the week. A great opportunity to visit the beautiful beaches, the warm ocean breezes, the charm of a sleepy fishing village on one of the most beautiful and unspoiled bays in Mexico. For more information, please visit:

MAR 31-APR 18: The Cuernavaca Fair (Formerly known as: La Feria de la Flor / The Flower Fair) - Cuernavaca, Morelos This fair fills Cuernavaca's streets with flower booths and gardening competitions. At night, everyone gathers at the main plaza for a laser light show. Pay a visit to the famous Borda Gardens, once the residence of Emperor Maximillian and his wife Carlota.

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