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Laredo Drivers: Insure Your Vehicle When Crossing the U.S./Mexico Border

Laredo is the third-largest city along the U.S.-Mexico border, trailing only El Paso and San Diego, CA. It is part of an international area that is home to over half a million people. Its economy relies heavily on international trade. It’s a major inland port, and multiple pedestrian bridges, traffic points, and rail connections link the U.S. to Mexico.

If you plan to drive a vehicle into Mexico, you must have Mexican auto insurance. It is the law, and Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance will help you determine the right coverage for your unique needs.

Trusted Coverage for Laredo Drivers

One fact about Laredo is that it is one of the safest cities in the U.S. for drivers. Therefore, most locals pay affordable rates for their own car insurance. Nevertheless, if you drive into Mexico, your American coverage won’t matter. Most U.S. policies void once you drive into international territory.

Mexico has separate insurance laws than those of the United States. They require all drivers, including tourists, to insure their vehicles while driving in the country. The agents at Sanborn’s Insurance understand how important it is for you to carry the appropriate coverage. Whether you need coverage for a day trip or a long-term vacation, we’ll help you get covered.

What do auto policies cover?

Within your Mexican auto insurance coverage, you’ll often need:

  • Liability insurance: Coverage insures you against damage you cause others if you are at-fault in a wreck. Coverage might pay for their injuries and vehicle damage.
  • Physical damage coverage: Your policy will cover damage to your own vehicle after a wreck. It might also pay for damage from non-accident mishaps, like weather damage or theft scenarios.
  • Medical coverage: If you get hurt in an accident, coverage pays for your medical bills and those of your passengers.
  • Legal assistance coverage: If the police detain you following an accident, this coverage can help you obtain a bond or a lawyer.
  • Travel expenses: After a problem abroad, you might want to return home. This coverage helps pay for costs like plane tickets or rental cars to help you get back to the U.S.
  • U.S. repair options: You want to receive vehicle repairs from a mechanic you can trust. This coverage allows you to have your vehicle repaired in the U.S.

You shouldn’t have to work too hard or pay too much money to carry Mexican auto insurance. Let Sanborn’s Insurance be your agency of choice when it comes to buying, maintaining and paying for coverage. We’re here because we know that every American tourist driver needs specialized coverage. We will help you figure out the perfect fit.

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