Dan Sanborn's famous mile-by-mile Travelogs

So what are these Travelogs?
If you've read our company's history, then you know that Sanborn's Mexico insurance was founded under Dan Sanborn's famous Travelogs over 60 years ago. They are a series of six guidebooks that cover all of Mexico with incredibly detailed directions, history, customs and humor that are exclusively sold to Sanborn's customers.

Our mile-by-mile Travelogs take you by the hand.
We’ll guide you as you explore the highways and byways throughout the beautiful country of Mexico. Each book provides you with mileage calculations and suggestions on which roads to take and which ones to avoid. They also note landmarks throughout each route that will further help you to make sure that you're right on course. Sanborn's Travelogs also equips you with detailed maps of tourist towns, as well as listings of hotels, restaurants, RV parks and so much more. If it’s a part of Mexico, it's in our Travelogs! Our guidebooks are a great way to help all Sanborn's Mexico insurance customers plan their trip safely.

How do I get them?
You will receive your choice of two Travelogs with your long term policy.

Click on the links below to view the Mexico Travelogs guidebooks that we have to offer. (Be sure to disable any pop-up blockers.)

Northeastern Routes

Travelog coverage area

Northwestern Routes

Travelog coverage area

Baja's Peninsula

Travelog coverage area

Colonial Heart

Travelog coverage area

South Pacific Coast

Travelog coverage area

Ruta Maya

Travelog coverage area
Sanborn's has redesigned the top three Travelogs and is currently working on the redesign of our last three guidebooks. The new design has easier to follow route descriptions, plus bonus material such as English-to-Spanish translations of common phrases, Mexico traffic signs and their meaning, and featured articles to help you get better acquainted with what Mexico has to offer.

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