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You might be someone who travels between the United States and Mexico frequently. Or, you might only cross into the country a couple of times per year or less, maybe as part of travel to an annual family reunion. Either way, once you cross the international border, you must have car insurance. READ MORE >>

You always want your vehicle to stay in prime shape during any kind of road trip. You don't want to have a wreck. If you plan to drive from the U.S. to Mexico, your concerns might increase. After all, if you have a significant problem in a foreign country, the way you go about fixing the damage might be very different than the process you know. READ MORE >>

You want your road trip to Mexico to go off seamlessly. Still, nothing in life is a guarantee. Car trouble or breakdowns could happen at any time, even if you think you have done everything right. So, who do you call for help? Are there resources available for your benefit? ' In short, yes. READ MORE >>

You might know that certain parts of Mexico present safety risks to foreign tourists. Indeed, one of the most-common precautions you have likely heard is that you shouldn't drive after dark. Why is that? It isn't to say that driving in Mexico after dark is unsafe in all cases. READ MORE >>

You are having a wonderful road trip to Mexico. However, you suddenly turn around and see that someone has stolen your car. Some shards of broken glass might be the only evidence. What can you do in this situation? Does your car insurance offer any help? READ MORE >>

Just south of San Diego, California, you will find one of many U.S./Mexico border crossings. In fact, it is one of the busiest borders in the world. On the other side, you'll find Tijuana, the state of Baja California and the greater Baja peninsula. If you are planning a trip, don't forget to keep security in mind. READ MORE >>

Mexico and the USA share a border. They also share a considerable amount of cross-border trade and traffic. Indeed, thousands of Americans travel into Mexico regularly for many reasons. If you only go a few miles within Mexico, then you might remain within the country’s free zone. What is it? READ MORE >>

This is the time of year when many Americans travel internationally. The tail of the holiday season, coupled with often-lowered travel rates, make this a prime time to hit the road. For many, this will mean traveling south to Mexico. But while driving across the southern border often proves strictly routine, it also has its danger zones. READ MORE >>

  In November, the 2018 Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally kicked off. It was a year of great success, and Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance was proud to be a sponsor. And now that last year’s event has wrapped, it’s time to start all over again. Rocky Point is one of the biggest motorcycle meetups south of the U. READ MORE >>

During the holiday season, many Americans go to Mexico on vacation or to visit family and friends. If you plan to drive this trip, you need to start planning now. Driving in Mexico requires a few extra steps and safety precautions. So, before you go, know how to get ready. READ MORE >>

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