For claims or roadside assistance,

contact HDI Seguros before leaving Mexico.

Immediately Contact

   (477) 710-4781 

Mexico Direct line


toll-free from Mexico phone line

Bilingual service 24/7 - 365 days a year


Check for injuries. Do not move anyone

  • Report your loss to HDI Seguros - Have your Mexico Insurance Policy number ready and provide your location. Make sure to get a claim number from the claims call center.
  • Do not leave the scene - Stay in the place of the accident with the third party involved.
  • Wait for the adjuster - Do not admit liability. Do not discuss who is at fault, make any arrangements, or receive any payment for damages without consulting with the adjuster. Have your policy, driver's license,  registration and vehicle importation permit (if applies). He will give you a copy of form called Volante. Ask your adjuster if you need to obtain reports from the authorities to continue with your claim.  
  • Document - Take pictures as possible and safe to do so. 
    (Once it is determined who is the responsible party according to the affidavit from the parties involved, witnesses and police report.)

    If Third Party is at fault and is insured
    The adjuster will confer with the other company for the payment of the damages.
    If Third Party flees the scene
    Do not attempt to follow them; it is best that you take the license plates, make, model and color of vehicle.
    In case you have been detained by the authorities
    HDI will assign an attorney (if your policy has Legal Aid)
    If the third party is at fault and does not carry insurance
    The adjuster will negotiate the collection of damages to your vehicle
    If you are the responsible party
    The adjuster will advise you on how to solve the situation the best way possible.
    If the vehicle is not detained
    You will receive the following forms:
    Volante/Form of Admission and/or a medical pass
    In case of Total Theft of the vehicle or a glass breakage only claim, HDI will advise you of the process when you contact them to report the claim.MEXICO INSURANCE ADJUSTER

    ACCIDENT SCENE Information:
    Date:__________ Time: ___________am/pm
    City and State: _________________________________

    For further assistance with your claim once you've returned to the U.S. or Canada, contact:
    International Claims Service
    800-284-9783 US Toll Free number
    Monday - Friday    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (CST)
    (956) 682 -1353  Direct line
    you will be required to fill out additional documentation to complete your claim. 
    Click here to download forms.

    International Claims Service is a bilingual claims department to help you through the claims process and will be your liaison to the insurance company in Mexico once you are back in the U.S. or Canada.

    • Vehicles repaired in the U.S. or Canada
    • No limit on labor fees
    • Repaired at the body shop of your choice
    • Claims settled in U.S. dollars from a U.S. bank

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