Currency Exchange for Mexico

A major part of planning your trip to Mexico is to be familiar with the currency. When traveling to Mexico you might be concerned about how you will have access to the funds you will need during your trip for your expenses. 

We recommend you let your bank institution know that you will be traveling to Mexico, and place a travel notice for the dates you will be there. Otherwise,  after your first transaction with your credit or debit card in Mexico, you will find that the bank has blocked your card to prevent international fraud. With the travel notice, your bank will know that those are transactions originated by you in Mexico.  

Not all establishments in Mexico take credit or debit cards, and you will need to have cash with you to pay for toll fees,  small purchases such as bottled water, small restaurants, taxis, archeological sites, museums, tips, etc. You are able to use ATM to take money in pesos from your US bank account, this is a good way to keep with you only the amounts you will need for a day or two. 

The currency in Mexico is the Mexican Peso (MXN) also referred as the "Nuevos Pesos" and uses the $ symbol as in the US. All prices in Mexico are displayed in Mexican Pesos, although in tourist destinations they might have a tag with an approximate US price using a local exchange rate.  

Click on the button below to know what is the dollar-Peso exchange rate. With you will find out the current exchange rate, convert a particular amount to pesos or vice-versa, and more.


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