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Seasoned travelers will tell you that driving throughout Mexico is a great adventure (and most will argue that its the only way to truly experience Mexico). There aren't many things that can compare to having the open road ahead of you and plenty of time on your side. As always, we encourage everyone to try new locations and destinations and to experience as much of the local customs and attractions you can fit into your schedule. 


If you happen to discover new places (or have an old favorite) and would like to write an article about it, please let us know. We also encourage you to share your photographs of Mexico with us through our Facebook page. As an ambassador of goodwill, your vision of Mexico can help others see what a beautiful country lay in their backyard.

Planning for your road trip to Mexico is key to a successful trip. Whether it is a family vacation, an adventure with friends, a business trip or rediscovering your roots, being prepared for the hours you will be spending on the road is important and will ensure that you have a safe and memorable trip. 

First and foremost, make sure your car is in good working condition. Examine your tires, wiper blades, turn signals, brake lights, high and low beams to make sure they all work. Visit your mechanic and change the oil and filters and make sure that the belts and fluids levels are checked. 

warning sign - illegal to cary weapons
Warning: it's Illegal to Carry Firearms or Ammo into Mexico.

Before crossing the border, gather the documentation needed to obtain the Mexican tourist cards, your Mandatory Mexico Insurance Policy and your vehicle importation permit.

Follow this checklist of the documents you will need at the border, and need to have while in Mexico:

US - Mexico Border crossing real-time information

Mexico Mini Atlas and Map

With the help of a Sanborn's Mexico map or mini atlas,  have your co-pilot help with the road logger duties by reading map directions and adding any interesting notes of your trip. With these tools, you will discover many wonderful places in Mexico. We know you will discover landmarks, restaurants, and places of interest to you. Please share them with us!
Cell Phones
If you are planning to take a cell phone with you, make sure you have the international service activated. As in the U.S. and Canada, it is against the law to talk on your cell phone while driving in Mexico. To avoid any problems, make sure you take a hands-free device with you. Do not text! Avoid fines. Using a cell phone while driving increases your risk of being involved in a collision.

Mexico Toll Roads

Take the toll roads whenever possible they are the safest way to get to your destination. They can save a lot of time and are well maintained. Click here to learn more about Mexico toll roads

Road signs

Get familiar with Mexico Road signs.

Speed Limits mexican speed limit sign

For your safety, please follow the speed limits, according to the article 134 of the "Regulation of transit in roads and bridges of federal jurisdiction", the law establishes a 110 km/hr speed limit on all federal highways for autos, vans, and motorcycles. If you exceed the speed limit, you can be fined for up to $5,000 pesos.

Speed Converter

Type a value in the MPH field to convert the value to KPH:


Share Responsibilities

Designate jobs to all traveling with you: co-pilot/navigator, road logger, driver (make sure they have a valid driver's license and you are with them in the car), cleaning duties, photographer, and most important DJ! This will prevent you from any distractions during the course of your drive. Drive Mexico with your favorite tunes. Mexico has great radio stations, and in major Mexican cities, you might find a radio station in English. However, while on the road, you might lose the signal, and will have to wait for the next best signal. With the help of designated DJ prepare your favorite playlist if you don't have a blue tooth connection prepare with an auxiliary connection for an MP3 or iPod or your favorite CDs. 

Border Crossing tips

Plan to cross the border in the early hours of the day, especially if you have a long stretch to drive. Limit your driving hours to daylight; avoid driving at night. Use toll roads as much as possible. In the last decade, the Mexican government has improved their toll road-highway system with modern roads comparable to those in the U.S. and Canada. These will help you avoid commercial traffic. In addition, you will benefit from special services offered when driving toll roads, like medical emergency service, located in every toll booth crossing, radio communication service, and police monitoring to secure the roads. Read our complete list of driving tips for Mexico. 

 Get everyone involved; buckle your seat belt, and enjoy the freedom of the road!

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