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El Paso Drivers: Insure Your Vehicle When Crossing the U.S./Mexico Border

El Paso is truly borderland. This winner of the National Civic League’s All-America City Award sits sandwiched in the far-west corner of Texas. It’s as close to Los Angeles, CA in the west as it is to Texarkana, TX in the east. It borders New Mexico in the north and America’s southern neighbor, Mexico.

Interstate and international commerce make up a big part of the Sun City’s past, present and future. It is home to one of the largest bi-national workforces shared by the U.S. and Mexico. Therefore, if you plan to cross the border, you must do so legally. To cross in a vehicle, you will likely need to obtain a Mexican car insurance policy.

Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance can help all American travelers get car insurance for international travel. We’ll make sure you remain protected legally and financially whenever you cross the border.

Crossing the Border

There are four border crossings in the El Paso area with the Bridge of the Americas being the most well known but not the oldest. Yselta-Zaragoza International Bridge was actually opened in 1938. Paso del Norte International Bridge is a one-way only northbound bridge for vehicles (no trucks allowed) and a two-way for pedestrians. The Stanton Street Bridge rounds out the four ports of entry in El Paso, this entry is a northbound senti-only bridge.

Trusted Coverage for El Paso Drivers

Multiple border crossings link El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. They allow walkers, vehicles and goods to move between the U.S. and Mexico. However, both nations maintain jurisdiction over their own territories. That creates a need for American drivers in Mexico to carry Mexican car insurance.

Mexico requires all drivers, including Americans, to carry car insurance. Furthermore, Mexican law will not recognize US insurance policies. Therefore, American tourists and workers will need to obtain a Mexican auto policy before they cross the border. Even if you plan only to travel a short distance into Mexico, such as for work or to see family, you need this policy.

Sanborn’s understands all the ins and outs of Mexican auto insurance. We have decades of experience covering American travelers in Mexico. Therefore, we’ll make sure you can get appropriate coverage for all your driving needs in Mexico, whether you travel daily or once in a blue moon. We’ll help you maintain this coverage for as long as you need it. 

What do Mexican auto policies cover?

When you get Mexican car insurance, you’ll notice a lot of similarities to your American policy. However, key differences will also exist. Establishing the correct coverage balance will become critical. Within your policy, you might want to include:

  • Liability Insurance: Insures you against damage you cause others if you are at-fault in a wreck.
  • Physical Damage Coverage: Covers damage to your own vehicle after a wreck. Your policy might also pay for damage from non-accident mishaps, like weather damage or theft.
  • Medical Coverage: Pays for your medical bills and those of your passengers.
  • Legal assistance coverage: If the police detain you following an accident, this coverage will help you obtain bond and a lawyer, if needed.
  • Travel expenses: Helps pay for costs of returning home, such as plane tickets or rental cars.
  • U.S. repair options: Coverage allows you to have your vehicle repaired in the U.S. at the labor rates in your area.

All our policies come backed by reputable Mexican auto insurers. Sanborn’s will act as the agent to help you buy, enroll in and maintain your coverage. Whether you need changes, more coverage or to file a claim, we’ll help you take action to keep yourself and your vehicle secure. 

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