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Every year, thousands move to Mexico for work, school, or choose to retire in Mexico for numerous reasons: natural beauty, great weather, beautiful coastal cities, great education, quality medical care, cosmopolitan cities, affordable properties, rich history, culture, volunteer opportunities, art, food, people, and many more. Whatever your reason for moving, rest assured that you will find a new passion in Mexico.

For many that have visited Mexico as tourists and savored the many facets of this country, a retirement in Mexico seems like a dream come true. And although this is true for many, there are few realities you need to be aware of, like being flexible, open to learning a different culture, learning a new language, and being open to new experiences every day. Before you make the decision to permanently retire in Mexico, we encourage you to experience the country first hand, and visit different locations before making your decision.

Seasonal Retirement If you want to be close to family and yet enjoy a retirement in Mexico, a seasonal retirement is a practical decision. Living part of the year in Mexico and part back at home will keep you in touch with family and friends, and you will be able to choose the season you want to spend at each location. Another benefit of seasonal retirement is that before you settle in one Mexican city, you will be able to change your destination every season to find which fits best with your lifestyle.

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