Added Benefits at No Additional Cost

In our dedication to superior service, we've worked with the best Mexico insurance company to bring you more added benefits. This is just one more reason how Sanborn's insurance has set itself apart from all the rest.

** To receive benefits, you must call HDI's claims number in Mexico at the time of the incident so that the insurance company can make the necessary arrangements. See insurance card or check here for phone numbers.

We invite you to read through all our added benefits available at no additional cost to you when you have Legal Assistance and Roadside Assistance coverages. You can contact Sanborn's directly with any questions you may have.

Roadside Assistance - Roadside assistance is available in case the insured vehicle runs out of gas, has a dead battery, has a flat tire or the keys are locked in the car. The Company will provide gas in order for the vehicle to reach the nearest gas station. A dead battery will be charged so that the vehicle can reach the closest repair shop. In the case of a flat tire, it will be replaced with the spare or taken to be repaired. If the keys are locked in the car, HDI will send a locksmith out to open the vehicle.

Towing Service - This service is provided if the insured vehicle breaks down and cannot be repaired at its location. The Company will cover up to $1,000 (USD) per trip for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest repair shop or back to the U.S. if you are having it repaired there.

Hotel - This benefit is for payment for a hotel room up to $100 (USD) per night for no more than five (5) nights, and the vehicle cannot be repaired after the first 24 hours in the event of breakdown and 48 hours for a collision, or there is a total theft and the vehicle is not recovered after 48 hours.

Transportation - Ground transportation will be provided for the insured and up to four additional passengers to a repair shop in case of vehicle breakdown. Transportation is also provided either to the next location of the trip or back to the client's permanent residence in the event of breakdown and the vehicle cannot be repaired after the first 24 hours, in the event of a collision and repairs cannot be completed after 48 hours or for a total theft and the vehicle is not recovered after 48 hours. Transportation includes either an economic class rental car for up to 5 days (maximum $50 per day) or a commercial flight for the client and traveling companions.

Medical Services Assistance - Medical Services Assistance is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for accident or illness and include the following:

  • Ambulance Service - The Company will provide ground ambulance service to the nearest hospital to best care for the situation.
  • Medical Air Transportation - The Company will provide transportation by air ambulance to the closest hospital to best care for the situation. This is determined by the Company's medical team and the attending doctor.
  • International Medical Air Transportation - The company will provide international air ambulance service to any hospital in the U.S. or Canada if it is determined that the client condition cannot be treated in Mexico.
  • Urgent Communication - In case of an emergency, the Company will provide for communication services with relatives, business contacts or physicians regarding patient's condition. This cost will be incurred by the Company.
  • Medical References - The Company will provide references for medical services within the Mexican Republic. This includes the names, addresses and phone numbers of doctors, specialists, laboratories and drugstores. They can also make arrangements for a doctor to go to your hotel or place that you are staying.
Assistance for Incidental Expenses - In the event of a covered loss, services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Company of a Relative - If traveling alone or with minors, the company will arrange and pay for a round trip for a close relative to come to the client's location. Accommodations are included for up to $60/day for up to 5 consecutive days.
  • Transportation for Companions - If the client is hospitalized, the Company will arrange and pay for the client's travel companions to return to their place of permanent residence or the next location of the trip.
  • Stay after Illness - In the event, the client is traveling alone or with minors and the attending doctor and the Company's medical team determine the client is not able to continue the trip after leaving the hospital, the Company will pay for a hotel for up to $60/day for up to 10 consecutive days for their continued recovery.
  • Transportation Home - If after treatment, it is determined that the client cannot continue the trip nor return home by the originally planned transportation, the Company will make the arrangements and pay for a commercial flight back to their residence.
Legal Defense - In the event of an accident in the covered vehicle, Legal Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Upon request, HDI will appoint a professional attorney and will pay for the procedural expenses incurred for the defense of the insured from the time the insured is detained until the conclusion of the case. In providing this service, the Company will:
  • Negotiate the release of the insured, if necessary, from the hands of competent authorities according to applicable legislation
  • File the necessary procedures for the return of the insured vehicle
  • Guarantee the repair of claimed damages and medical expenses of the third party as necessary
Bailbond or Guarantee Deposit - HDI will post a bond or deposit a guarantee after the insured has been assigned an attorney. The maximum amount which will be paid on behalf of an insured to post a bond or for a deposit guarantee is equal to the liability coverage on the policy.

Travel Services Hotline - This hotline is available to all our customers when they call from within the Republic of Mexico. The following information is available:

Driving Info. - Information is provided regarding Mexico's major highways, the shortest route between two cities, driving distances, the price and location of toll booths on the main highways, and locations of gas stations (diesel and gasoline). The addresses and telephone numbers of police stations and authorized vehicle impound lots are also available.

Tourist hotline while traveling in Mexico - This helpful hotline has useful trip planning information including extras such as information on:
  • Visas and other documentation formalities
  • Weather
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Exchange rate
  • Local customs
  • Museums and galleries
  • Music venues and concerts
  • Holiday festivities
  • Sports facilities and competitions
  • Ticket selling agencies
  • Children's attractions
  • Shopping centers
  • Local events
  • Exhibitions and shows
  • Festivals and special events
  • Nightlife

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